Differentiate Instruction. Accelerate Learning.

We believe literacy is the key to unlocking student success.
We help to accelerate literacy gains and dramatically increasing students’ university
and career readiness through Differentiated Instruction®.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 is the leader in Differentiated Instruction®.

Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s patented and proven differentiated solutions for nursery through adult education reach all students at their individual reading levels to accelerate learning, improve high-stakes test performance, and drive university & career success.

A Seamless Continuum from Nursery to Adult Education

Cross-Disciplinary English and Spanish Acquisition

Whether in small pull-out groups, flipped and blended learning models, or whole class instruction, ACCESS accelerates language and literacy gains for English and Spanish language students of all levels with literacy skills that support success across your curriculum. In addition, for Spanish native, dual-language, and bilingual students, ACCESS ensures all learners can improve their Spanish learning abilities.

Foundational English and Spanish Literacy

The path to university and career literacy begins with Smart Ants®, an effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement – all in an engaging, interactive online learning environment.

Universal Screener

LevelSet™ is the world’s only universal screener and benchmarking tool for the reading comprehension of nonfiction text in both English and Spanish.

Differentiated Science Instruction

Make Science come alive for adolescent learners with eScience3000®, the innovative core science program that gives all students the opportunity to enjoy hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities that motivate them to build 21st-century learning skills and prepare for STEM careers. Available with five reading levels in English with Spanish support and one level in full Spanish.

Why Achieve3000?

Achieve3000 solutions enable literacy instruction that empowers educators to bring their students equity, acceleration, flexibility, results, and depth.


Our methodology for embedded assessment and “just-right, just-on-time” content-matching enables students to move their Lexile measures up steadily, level by level. Students of all profiles who use Achieve3000 with recommended frequency and quality can attain up to 3X their expected Lexile gains. 


We support practices to deepen literacy instruction, both by providing frameworks for teacher-facilitated learning and by pushing students to synthesize and extend their learning through critical thinking and reflection.


Our precisely differentiated content and scaffolds give ALL students access to the same standards-aligned information and ideas so EVERY reader, struggling or advanced, can progress toward college and career success.


Since every school and district has different needs, goals, and challenges, our solutions and services are designed flexibly, with wide-ranging options for curriculum integration and site customization.

Proven Results

A large body of research, including gold-standard independent research that received a rating of “strong” from Evidence for ESSA, proves that using our flagship solutions can positively affect student outcomes.

See what your peers have to say

Educators from all over the world have found great success in helping
students excel in reading and learning in all subject areas.

“Students engage in collaborative conversations because they all read about the same topics. This can lead to an increase in transferable skills across all texts and content areas. This is exactly what we want—for our students to understand the power of literacy as currency.”

Dr. Shelmon Brown, K-12 Literacy and Language Arts Facilitator, Colorado Springs School District 11, CO

“Some students who have Lexiles of 1100 and some with 800 are in the same class. It’s hard for a teacher to differentiate that many different types of articles for every student in the class. With Achieve3000, the kids with higher Lexile measures are challenged more with critical thinking, while those with lower Lexiles are challenged at their own level.”

Lorra Tanner, Elementary School Teacher, Geary Elementary, WV

“I used to be afraid to read because people would think I was a slow reader and now I’m not afraid to read anymore.”

Student, Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, IL