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We design, develop, and deliver digital skills learning,
enabling teachers to bring Technology Education to every classroom,
including coding into their existing lessons and teaching across all subjects.

About BSD Education

BSD Education is an educational technology and curriculum organization that partners with schools and education businesses.

Through our online learning platform, we provide a real-world, project-based Technology Education Curricula for 8-18-year-olds, and comprehensive training and support for teachers as part of our overall mission to empower the kids of today with the tools for tomorrow.

Programs of Learnings

Teaching Materials: Ready-to-use Curriculum

We focus on being able to integrate real-world, project based technology curriculum into all subject areas so that every student, no matter their interest, can develop the skills required for the future.

Our curriculum is divided into engaging, easy-to-follow modules that enable students to e.g. build a data collection app to gather live data from a basketball game to study in statistics or build a website about the history of ancient civilizations.

Our curriculum is also mapped to US, IB and British academic standards and can be implemented immediately with no prior experience – 76% of teachers using BSD online and BSD programs have no technology experience. Why? BSD’s training programs give instructors all the skills, knowledge and confidence they need.






Technology Program (age 8 — 14)

Enhance your existing Technology or Computer Science classes with Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and more.

The TechReady program takes students on a progression of learning to apply their digital skills to solve real-world problems. Deeply connected with computing, digital citizenship, and cross-curricular learning opportunities, it includes 6 courses in various fields of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and App Development. One course contains 3 units with 20 hours each and is always finished with a capstone project to make sure students are able to apply what they’ve learned.

Course Includes:Ready-to-use Teaching Materials:
360 Hours of Content
Rubric Assessment
Capstone Project
Online Learning Platform access for your schools and students
Unit Overviews
Lesson Plans

Subject Integrated Curriculum (age 8 — 14)

Integrate Digital Skills learning into any subject at school, from Languages and Math to Humanities and Geography.

The TechConnected program integrates technology learning to traditional subjects. Through a guided project, students reinforce learning of topics in traditional subjects, while experiencing technology concepts that enhance the context of learning with real world scenarios.

Course Includes:Ready-to-use Teaching Materials:
More than 100 subject-relevant, guided projects
Rubric Assessment
Online Learning Platform access for your school and students
Preparation Guides for Each Project
Classroom Activities



TechConnected’s integration to any subject allows students to learn and have access to real-world technology skills across a range of disciplines and contexts. This cross-curricular exposure reinforces to students how technology is intrinsic to all aspects of life and career opportunities.

After School and Camps (age 8 — 14)

Bring fun technology education projects for your students interests after school, during discovery weeks and the holidays.

The TechNovators program encourages students to explore technology during out-of-school time. It includes more than 100 projects to understand, learn and apply text-based coding, Scratch, robotics with hardware and LEGO® Mindstorms, Game Development, design and more. With a modular structure, schools are able to decide course duration and implement on a flexible schedule.

Course Includes:Ready-to-use Teaching Materials:Core Programs:
More than 100 After School Lessons curricula
More than 10 Technology Camps curricula
Online Learning Platform access for your school and students
Presentation Materials
Classroom Activities
Game Development
Media Design / Entrepreneurship

Career-Ready Skills Program (age 16 — 18)

Prepare your final year students with real-world digital skills they can use in the workplace, from digital marketing and data to programming.

The TechFuture program prepares students in their last few years of school with real-world digital skills they can use in the workplace, including programming, user experience design, data interpretation and digital marketing. The program has 60 hours of learning made up from 5 x 12 hours units, with the option to add a 6-hour foundational course for introductory skills where required.

Course Includes:Ready-to-use Teaching Materials:Units:
More than 60 hours of curriculum in real-world Digital Skills, including Data, Programming, Digital Marketing and Design Lesson Plans
Presentation Materials
Classroom Activities
Assessment Rubrics
Digital Marketing

Specially designed for shorter courses of 5-10 hours, CodePacks are short pilot tech courses that introduce digital skills with minimal teaching through guided projects that you and your students can try.

Learn essential coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Coding 101

Take your first steps in coding

    • Eye Chart
    • Online Poster
    • Trivia Game

5 hours content (age 8 – 14)
No Prerequisite

Content Creator

Online content creation toolkit

    • Book Review App
    • Online Magazine
    • Multi-page Website

6 hours content (age 8 – 14)
No Prerequisite

Creative Writer

Build tools for creative writing

    • Online Newspaper
    • Character Builder
    • Story Generator
    • Story Boarder

7 hours content (age 8 – 14)
No Prerequisite

App Creator

Create helpful apps for everyday life

    • Money Saving App
    • Digital Pet App
    • Experiment App
    • Budgeting App

8 hours content (age 10 – 14)
Coding 101 Prerequisite

Game Builder

Create a collection of online games

    • Football Crossing
    • Whack-a-Mole
    • Mad Libs
    • Spaceman Coin

10 hours content (age 12 – 14)
Coding 101 Prerequisite

All Projects accessed online through BSD Online Platform

Fully resourced with Teacher Guide

No prior Teacher Experience necessary

Start with only 2 hours of training where required

Online Learning Platform

Learning Support Tool: No Experience Required

Developed with teachers, in classroom environments, BSD Online contains all the tools and information to scaffold teachers with no prior experience, and empower students as learning progresses.

  • Online Learning Platform, accessible anywhere
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Instant one-click online student project hosting
  • Collaborative working and student portfolios
  • Classroom Management tools
  • Real time learning analytics

“Not everyone will be a programmer, but everyone will work with Technology.”

Chris Geary
CEO of BSD Education

“BSD has allowed me to take programming to the next level in my classroom! In the past, I was intimidated to try text-based coding with students. With BSD’s help and their intuitive platform, I’m successfully teaching HTML, CSS, and Javascript to my grade 8 students.”

Kara Stucky
Middle School Design Technology Teacher, International Community School, SG

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