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About CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is a leading educational game-based environment where millions of students learn how to code in real programming languages.

CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home.

CodeMonkey's K-8 Curriculum

Educational Resources Suitable for Different Grades and Experience Levels

Pre-K & Kindergarten

CodeMonkey Jr. is for your youngest learners. This app teaches kindergarteners the basics of coding with a progression of gaming challenges. Using blocks, students will build a set of visual coding instructions to help lead a monkey to a treasure chest.



1st & 2nd Grade

Beaver Achiever is great for stimulating young students to learn essential coding skills. Your students will use coding blocks to help the friendly beaver complete different tasks in its natural habitat.

2nd – 4th Grade

Dodo Does Math‘s highly engaging challenges offer students a memorable way to practice math as they code in CoffeeScript. In each challenge, students need to help dodo get to her eggs by utilizing real-world coding and math skills.



3rd – 5th Grade

Coding Adventure is a game-based environment where students learn to code in CoffeeScript as they help a monkey catch bananas. The course provides an easy entry into text-based coding.

6th – 8th Grade

Game Builder – after completing the game design courses, students will get to execute every stage of the game-creation process – from choosing their own backgrounds to programming the rules of their games.



6th – 8th Grade

Banana Tales is a comprehensive coding course where students use Python to move a banana to a baby monkey by clearing a path and overcoming obstacles along the way.



6th – 8th Grade

With its chatbot interface, easy-to-read instructions, and real-world programming, Coding Chatbots is the perfect project-based solution for older students. In Coding Chatbots, students learn Python and chatbot interface elements as they program a real chatbot to host a popular guessing game.

Hour of Code

One Hour of Coding Adventure

Learning to code is becoming a part of the curriculum in K-12, a trend which is expanding rapidly around the world. Code literacy is considered essential not only for future software engineers but for many other occupations as well. A secondary benefit afforded to students learning to code is the development of algorithmic thinking as a basis for problem solving. This type of thinking is a crucial enabler for obtaining important 21st-century skills. Try CodeMonkey’s FREE hour-long coding courses to introduce your students to the basics of Computer Science in a fun and easy way.

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Teaching Kids to Code

Computer programming helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.
As your students solve problems through writing real code, they will develop 21st century skills
like multiple-step thinking, perseverance, critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.

Discover How Fun Teaching Children Computer Programming Can Be!

Teachers are not required to have any programming experience when teaching coding to kids with CodeMonkey. The games are accompanied by detailed lesson plans with both online and unplugged activities. Teachers also have exclusive access to a dashboard where they can track student progress and achievements and display different students’ solutions to the entire class for discussion.

In CodeMonkey, students learn coding in a gamified environment. In Coding adventure, they will program an adorable monkey to get all its bananas back from the greedy gorilla who stole them. As students progress in the game, they will meet different friends like our trusty turtle, who will help them in their journey as they face more complex challenges to solve. Each solution is checked and graded automatically, giving learners instant “star-score” feedback.

From the very first level in CodeMonkey, students start to write code in a real-world programming language. Depending on the course, you will teach either Python or CoffeeScript, a modern open-source programming language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript. CoffeeScript is used in the industry primarily for web applications. Through the CodeMonkey program, students will learn advanced Computer Science concepts such as loops, variables, functions, conditions and more.

CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource with fully-guided coding lessons plans. CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving and planning, as well as geometric and mathematical thinking.

What Are You Waiting For?

Millions of students all over the world have already learned to code with CodeMonkey.

“I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to use CodeMonkey, I think it’s the best that I’ve seen. The lesson plans with the online and offline activities are really good, It made it easy for the children to understand our goals.”

KATARINA LANTZ-DRETNIK  Primary School Teacher, London, UK

“Brilliant. The teacher reference solutions are a great tool to have, because some of my students are moving ahead of me!!!”

MIC LOWNE  Primary School ICT Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

“I have been using CodeMonkey with grades 3+, the students and teachers love it! It’s my first year coding at age 29. Kids can code and I can too!”

MEGAN MCNINCH  Elementary School Teacher, South Carolina, USA

Start teaching your students the basics of Computer Science and
prepare them for the future!