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iGroup is a multinational organisation with offices spanning 14 countries.

We are a leading pioneer for digital education and is a one-stop shop for innovative educational products and library technologies.

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Education solution (software, curriculum, and training) that integrates technology curriculum including coding into all subjects.

The English language learning solution designed with world's best videos from films, TV series, news; visual dictionaries and live tutors.

1.6 million eBooks across wide subject areas in History, Literature, Science, Self-Improvement, Technology, Geography, Politics.

Digital Platform for English language for General English, Business English, and TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS.

Virtual lab learning environment with curricular content 370 laboratory simulators, multimedia content.

Interactive eBooks (reading, writing, science, and vocabulary) with incentive gamification. 3,000+ interactive eBooks & 50,000+ teaching resources.