English Language Storytelling Competition 2021

Every Child Has a Story to Tell

In collaboration with Learning A-Z and ConTuHoc.com, mangoSTEEMS proudly presents an English Language Storytelling Competition. 

Storytelling is an excellent way to unleash a child’s creativity and thinking skills.

Embark on a “tell-a-tale” journey which will certainly ignite the child’s innate curiosity and imagination!

Pick a book from our carefully selected genres and bring the story to life by retelling it either in your version or tell it as it is!

Remember, make it fun, exciting & creative!

Open to all children aged 4-12

FREE Entry. Open to all children residing in Vietnam.

 Age GroupBooks SelectionTime Duration
Category A4-6After School or Yours or Mine or Hamster Home90 sec – 2minutes
Category B7-9Monkey & Crocodile or The Drum or Mystery at Camp White Cloudmax of 3minutes
Category C10-12Ali Baba or Adventure at the Amazon River or The Monkey’s Pawmax of 6minutes

How to Participate


Đăng ký và download sách


Quay video thí sinh kể một trong những câu chuyện theo nhóm tuổi.

(Những câu chuyện phải được kể, KHÔNG được đọc)


Thí sinh vui lòng gửi video trực tiếp tại đường link tương ứng với bảng thi của mình:


  • A video storytelling performance of selected e-story books that takes between 90 seconds to 6 minutes to tell.

  • Storytellers are encouraged to tell the story in their own words to capture the essence of the story rather than learn the story word for word.


  • The quality of the storytelling performance will be judged, not the quality of the video or filming technique.

  • Panel of judges will consider Language, Presentation, and Creativity.

    1. Language (pronunciation, enunciation, stress & rhythm)
    2. Presentation (body language, expression, emotion)
    3. Creativity (make the story becomes alive)
  • The decision of the judges is final.

  • The winners from each category will be announced and notified on 31/8/2021.

TS. Jennifer Nigh

Giám đốc Học thuật & CT Quốc tế
Learning A-Z, USA

TS. Trần Hương Quỳnh

Trưởng Bộ môn Ngôn ngữ học Anh
Đại học Sư phạm Hà Nội

Prizes Per Category

Giải Nhất

  • 2 triệu đồng hiện kim
  • 1 năm sử dụng RazPlus
  • Chứng nhận điện tử

Thí sinh Top 10

  • 1 năm sử dụng RazPlus
  • Chứng nhận điện tử

Important Dates

  1. Hạn gửi bài: 01/06 -31/7/2021
  2. Hạn bình chọn: 01/08 – 15/8/2021
  3. Công bố giải: 31/8/2021

For any enquiries, please contact mangosteemsvn@gmail.com